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Gemalto Sentinel innovative software licensing products and software protection solutions enable software and technology vendors to increase software revenue as well as reduce operating costs. Through software security and licensing enforcement, Sentinel software licensing technology provides software publishers control and visibility into how their applications are deployed and used. Enforcement of licensing terms and conditions provides vendors software protection from unauthorized use or distribution of their products.

In addition to reducing the risk of software piracy, software security and software licensing solutions provide the capability to easily offer a variety of license models to flexibly price and package products creating new revenue opportunities and enhancing customer satisfaction. Finally, operational costs are reduced through the integration to back office systems and the automation of licensing functions.

Sentinel Software Licensing Products:


Sentinel RMS

Sentinel RMS is a robust license enablement and enforcement solution focused on scalable and flexible license management for applications deployed in medium to large scale enterprise networked environments.

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Sentinel LDK

Out-of-the-box Software Protection, Licensing, and Entitlement Management System.

Learn more about Sentinel LDK

small software licensing solution

Sentinel Fit

Sentinel Fit is ideal for embedded systems, supporting virtually all possible boards and microcontrollers available today and is free from CPU and operating system constraints.

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HL Sentinel software licensing

Sentinel HL Hardware Keys

Sentinel HL keys enables to take full advantage of forward compatibility with our next generation software licensing solution – Sentinel LDK.

Learn more about Sentinel HL Hardware Keys

Why Do I Need a Software Licensing System?

Software licensing systems can help accomplish a multitude of business goals for software developers and vendors, allowing for increased software monetization potential. In addition to allowing you to prevent unauthorized use and distribution of your applications, having a strong software licensing platform increases the software protection of your intellectual property, the software itself. By having a robust licensing solution integrated with your software you prevent threats like reverse engineering and piracy.

A sophisticated software licensing solution will provide you with the tools ability to track all usage of your product and features - providing invaluable business data as an added bonus to protecting your revenue and trade secrets.

Software licensing systems can also provide the licensing tools to automate licensing with your back office CRM, ERP, marketing, and fulfillment operations, which makes managing your software portfolio easier and faster. Making sure your revenue is accounted for is a critical business need for software vendors. A software licensing system maximizes your revenue potential while efficiently managing your licenses and entitlements.

Should I Develop My Own Software Licensing Solution?

To a software developer, software licensing usually appears to be a fairly straight forward undertaking - but before taking a do-it-yourself approach, you and your development team should understand the many restrictions that even the most sophisticated homegrown licensing solution faces over time. In addition to providing packaging flexibility and compatibility with critical back office systems, software licensing solutions need to be ready for new security threats as they emerge.

Software licensing and product packaging go hand-in-hand. A software licensing system needs to easily support new licensing, packaging, and distribution models on the fly, which for a homegrown licensing solution, means frequent maintenance, changes, and upgrades, taking you away from your core competency. Furthermore, effective software protection requires specialized security skills that may not be readily available within every software vendor's development team. Acquiring these skills in-house - either through supplementary training or recruitment - can be extremely costly an time consuming.

Utilizing a third-party software licensing solution, like the products offered by Gemalto, allows you to focus on your core development expertise while having the peace of mind that your software investment is well protected and managed.

What Software Licensing Strategy is Right for My Organization?

The type of software licensing model you need greatly depends on your personal preference for hardware keys, software licenses, cloud licensing, or even a hybrid software licensing environment. The benefit of working with a software licensing company like Gemalto is that we have consultants ready to advise what platform best suits your specific software portfolio.

Why should I choose Gemalto's Sentinel Products?

For nearly 30 years, Gemalto's Sentinel software licensing and monetization solutions have been trusted by software developers and vendors world-wide to provide the strongest software protection and most flexible integration options available. Starting with the hardware dongle and into the present day with software licensing, SaaS licensing, and hybrid licensing, Gemalto has evolved with our customers to provide the highest quality software monetization solutions on the market.

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Sentinel RMS

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