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Sentinel Up

Reduce operational costs and improve customer experience with automated software updates

Sentinel Up enables software and device vendors to automate the distribution of software updates, improve user experience and gain valuable insight about install base. Sentinel Up is an enterprise-grade software update service that integrates seamlessly with Sentinel products to support the entire licensing and entitlement management lifecycle.

Automation of Manual Processes

  • Streamlined Operations: Delivers a fully automated user experience with built-in authentication, distribution and installation of updates and full integration with back-office systems.
  • Elimination of Human Error: Ensures only entitled users get the right update for the right target device.
  • Reduced Support Costs: Integrates easily with support systems to reduce the volume of support calls and costly on-site updates.
  • Zero Coding Integration: Enables establishment of a consistent corporate-wide update processes with zero coding integration.

 Collection of Install Base Insights

  • Control Updates: Distributes software version updates to entitled users only.
  • Improved Decision Making: Enables making informed decisions based on information about your users including operating environment, product version and geographical location.
  • Telemetry Data: Generates customer update behavior for smarter investment decisions.

 Improved User Experience – Sentinel Up improves user experience by reducing the time and effort it takes to get the latest software version and updates.

 Reduced Customer Churn – Sentinel Up keeps users up-to-date with the latest software versions with frequent in-app notifications. Discover how many customers use outdated versions and respond quickly with the delivery of updates to reduce the number of lost clients.

Discover the fundamentals and how much manpower is needed to deliver and support a end-to-end software update system.
Find the true cost of building a software update solution

Software Update Automation Solution

Find the true cost of building a software update solution

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Sentinel Up

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